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Complete and Permanent Recovery from IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s, and Constipation with Dr. Snow's Proven Naturopathic Protocols

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IBS - Colitis - Crohn's Protocol

Are diarrhea, mucus, blood, cramping, and abdominal pain ruining your life? This treatment plan will help repair your gut and give you relief!


Start Your Healing Journey

Unlock the door to a life without gastrointestinal problems with our PROVEN NATUROPATHIC PROTOCOLS. We understand the challenges of living with conditions like IBS, COLITIS, CROHN'S, and CONSTIPATION. That's why we've dedicated over four decades to developing PROTOCOLS that work and end your suffering.




Dr. Albert Snow

Our Proven Protocol Process

How to Recover from IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s and Constipation

1. Select Your Protocol and Create an Account

Begin your journey towards relief by choosing a naturopathic protocol that best suits your needs. Creating an account grants you unlimited access to resources with a one-time fee. 

2. Follow the Simple Step-by-Step Protocol

These user-friendly protocols are designed to be easy to follow. Clear, step-by-step instructions are provided to make your healing journey straightforward and effective.

3. Experience Rapid Results and Lasting Relief

Many clients notice improvements in as little as 3-4 days. The protocols are designed for long-term success, with the majority experiencing lasting relief within 90-120 days. Guaranteed results!

How It Works

Regarding my Ulcerative Colitis and my Calprotectin level.

It went from 3364 to 21 in 6-7 months on no meds!  

I am also completely symptoms free. No blood no mucus no diarrhea.

 My 2 doctors here in the UK both said the same exact thing-'I'm Shocked!'

I'm overjoyed. You're an absolute genius. I can't stop singing your praises.

- Carolyn Solomon-Pryce UK.

Healing Journey

Start Your Healing Journey




Dr. Albert Snow

Still unsure? Read the articles!

I followed your protocol for 12 months. No more and no less than you instructed. I have now been protocol and medication free since September of 2019. I can eat what I want and I can drink what I want. You changed my life and I can never thank you enough.

- Susan R.

Dr. Snow's Proven Approach to Recover from IBS, Colitis, and Crohn’s

Comprehensive Healing Protocols

Dr. Snow's herbal-based protocols help repair all inflammatory bowel conditions such as IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s, and Constipation.

Complete and Permanent Solutions

It's more than just supplements; you will find everything you need for a complete and permanent solution.

Decades of Proven Success

Developed over 40 years with a 98% success rate. You will be guided every step of the way with easy-to-understand instructions.


Things You Should Know

YOU DON'T HAVE A DISEASE! These conditions are not a disease. You have a man-made condition often created by a very common drug taken at some point before you showed any symptoms. It could've been 20 years ago.

THEY ARE ALL THE SAME CONDITION! All of these conditions - IBS, Colitis, and Crohn's - they're all the same condition. There is only one cause and only one cure.

IT'S NOT ABOUT DIET! You can't eat your way into or out of an inflamed bowel.

Things You Should Know
Success Stories

Real Stories of Healing

Discover the inspiring journeys of individuals who have triumphed over digestive discomfort and embraced a life of wellness. At The Natural Gastro Solution, we take pride in sharing these real stories of healing. These success stories offer a glimpse into the remarkable transformations that are possible with our naturopathic protocols.

Our protocols have made a profound impact on the lives of those who battled with IBS, Colitis, Crohn's, and Constipation. Each story is a testament to the power of natural healing and the dedication of our team.

As you explore these narratives, you'll find hope, motivation, and the belief that a life free from digestive issues is within your reach. We invite you to delve into these success stories and see how our approach has changed lives, one protocol at a time.

If you're ready to embark on your own healing journey, these stories will inspire you to take that first step. Your success story could be the next one we share, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

"For the first time in 30 years I'm on NO medication. It's a miracle! 

Michael Rapaport



I want to declare VICTORY! 6 months after starting your protocol and diet restrictions my Crohn’s “Disease” is healed! The surgeon and GI told me that my intestines and ileum look “completely normal”. They said looking at the results I would say we would never know you had Crohn’s. It seems impossible to thank you for your knowledge, patience and compassion during this time but I will try. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving my life (which had been held hostage by this illness) back to me, you are awesome!

Augustine W.

*Individual results may vary

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Get Relief Now

   Still unsure? Read the articles!   





Dr. Albert Snow
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Meet Dr. Albert Snow

Dr. Albert Snow

Dr. Albert Snow is a holistic gastroenterologist who specializes in treating inflammatory bowel conditions such as IBS,  ColitisCrohn’s, and Constipation with natural medicine. He has a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the American Institute for Natural Healing, is a licensed naturopathic doctor, and is a certified nutritionist who has dedicated his life to eliminating the suffering from stomach and bowel problems worldwide. His career spans over 40 years. He now practices virtually worldwide and resides in Massachusetts.  


World-renowned for his innovative approach he developed his own system The Natural Gastro Solution which delivers complete and permanent healing with a 98% success rate. This system is completely unique from other treatment methods that focus on the symptoms instead of the problem. You can find the principles explained in his e-book, also titled The Natural Gastro Solution.


Dr. Snow has created 3 healing protocols that contain everything that he has learned over his 40 years of practice. These protocols are customized and brilliantly organized with contingent instructions according to how your body responds. You will discover these protocols are completely unique from anything you have tried or seen. They are comprehensive and so easy to do that an appointment is not necessary. You will have direct access to everything you need. Literally, these protocols are so easy to do it is impossible to do them wrong. This is why Dr. Snow offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


As an added bonus, included at no extra cost with the purchase of any of his protocols, you will gain exclusive access to The Healing Knowledge Base. This is a collection of Dr. Snow's unpublished healing secrets!  In fact, Dr. Snow is constantly creating new content exclusively for this unique and powerful collection.


Many people purchase a protocol just to have access to The Healing Knowledge Base as the ultimate investment in health for the whole family.

If you are suffering and want control over the symptoms of Colitis, IBS, Crohn’s, Constipation, or other stomach ailments.



Order your protocol and get access to The Healing Knowledge Base.

About Dr. Snow
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